Girls' Brigade New Zealand



Girls’ Brigade is for girls. Our programme features a variety of fun activities designed to educate, inspire and develop. It is run by trained GB leaders with help from volunteer assistants.

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities like camping, make up sessions, sleepovers, games, dance, horse riding, life skills, photography, music, first aid, cooking, pet care, crafts, spiritual development and sports.

We believe in a balanced approach to life and so our programmes cover a selection of physical, social, educational and spiritual activities that link in with our motto to Seek, Serve and Follow Christ.

Girls' Brigade caters for the following age groups: Juniors 5-8 years, Seniors 9-12 years and Pioneers 13-17 years.

In New Zealand, we run weekly programmes that are usually held in a local church hall, outside of school hours. Each group is called a ‘company’.

A membership fee is set by each company annually.

Girls’ Brigade is not just in New Zealand - it is worldwide. There are currently 59 Girls’ Brigade countries that range from Anguila to Zimbabwe.  Girls’ Brigade in New Zealand is part of a group called the Pacific Fellowship which includes countries such as Tonga, American Samoa, Australia, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Niue.

Being part of an international family means an opportunity to be part of international events. What sort of events? Training courses, camps and, of course Fonomarae (which is a really big camp). Girls’ Brigade also has local and national events - right here in NZ.

New Zealand Patron

Her Excellency, Lady Janine Mateparae.

Mission Statement of GBNZ

GBNZ empowers girls with skills, Christian qualities and values, to succeed in tomorrow's world.